FAQ: How To Make A Top Hat Out Of Construction Paper?

How do you make a simple top hat?

  1. Step 1: Step 1: Cut Cardboard.
  2. Step 2: Step 2: Draw an Oval.
  3. Step 3: Step 3: Draw a Circle.
  4. Step 4: Step 4: Draw Tabs.
  5. Step 5: Step 5: Cut Out the Tabs.
  6. Step 6: Step 6: Measure and Cut the Tube.
  7. Step 7: Step 7: Glue the Tube.
  8. Step 8: Step 8: Draw Another Oval.

How do you make a hat out of paper?

Method 1 of 3: How to Make a Sailor or Alpine Hat

  1. Crease a rectangular sheet of paper down the middle.
  2. Fold the paper in half widthwise.
  3. Fold the top corners to the center crease.
  4. Fold 1 of the flaps along the bottom edge up.
  5. Fold the brim inwards if it is too wide for you.

How do you make a small cardboard top hat?

On a thick piece of Cardboard measuring 52cm x 52cm (Minimum), poke a hole in the middle. Grab a compass and make a trace a hole 21cm in diameter and another 50cm in diameter. Cut out the center and cut around the larger circle (MAKE SURE TO KEEP CENTER CUT OUT). And now you’re finished the Brim!

How do you make a paper fireman hat?

How to make your Firefighter Hat Craft:

  1. Paint the paper plate red.
  2. Cut the paper plate as shown.
  3. Trim the edges so the cut part resembles a firefighter hat as shown.
  4. Cut a small shield from the yellow sticky foam.
  5. Write a number on the shield with the black marker.
  6. Stick the shield on the hat as shown.
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How do you make a party hat out of paper easy?

How to Make a Party Hat

  1. Introduction: How to Make a Party Hat.
  2. Gather card stock paper, stapler, scissors, glue, string and decorative items of your choice.
  3. Cut the corners off of the card stock to form a large circle.
  4. Fold the paper to form a cone shape by overlapping the two cut corners—the two bottom edges of the triangle.

How do you make a party hat out of A4 paper?


  1. 1Choose the template. There are two templates to choose from:
  2. 2Print out the template. Print out your chosen template on A4 or Letter size cardstock.
  3. 3Cut out. Cut out the template.
  4. 4Decorate the template.
  5. 5Add a topper.
  6. 6Roll the template into a cone.
  7. 7Glue the edges together.
  8. 8Add a chin strap.

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