FAQ: What Does Nic Mean In Construction?

What does NIC stand for?

NIC is an acronym for Network interface controller, but it can also be known as a network adapter or LAN network. It is a piece of computer hardware, used for connecting a computer to a network, either through cables or wirelessly.

What does Nic mean in CV?

Summary of Key Points

Network Interface Card” is the most common definition for NIC on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What does its stand for in construction?

ITS in Construction

1 ITS Information Technology Services Technology, Business, Politics
1 ITS Institute Of Trading Standards + 1 variant Engineering, Architectural
ITS Institute of Trading Standards Technology, Architectural, Architecture

What does NIC stand for in business?

NIC in Business

3 NIC National Insurance Contributions + 1 variant RAF, Finance, Forces
1 NIC National Investment Center Building, National, Investment
1 NIC National Investment Commission Iraq, Organizations, Investment
1 NIC Net Ingredient Cost Medical, Prescription, Cost
1 NIC Net Interest Cost Accounting, Interest, Bond

What is the function of NIC?

Purpose. NIC allows both wired and wireless communications. NIC allows communications between computers connected via local area network (LAN) as well as communications over large-scale network through Internet Protocol (IP).

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Is Nic a drug?

Nicotine is a stimulant drug that speeds up the messages travelling between the brain and body.

What is the NIC card?

A network interface controller (NIC, also known as a network interface card, network adapter, LAN adapter or physical network interface, and by similar terms) is a computer hardware component that connects a computer to a computer network.

What is a CV when looking for a job?

Curriculum Vitae (CV) is Latin for “course of life.” In contrast, resume is French for “summary.” Both CVs & Resumes: Are tailored for the specific job/company you are applying to. Should represent you as the best qualified candidate. Are used to get you an interview.

What does MAC stand for?


Acronym Definition
MAC Media Access Control
MAC Macintosh (slang for Apple computer)
MAC Mandatory Access Control
MAC Medium Access Control

What is its in technology?

Intelligent transportation system (ITS) is the application of sensing, analysis, control and communications technologies to ground transportation in order to improve safety, mobility and efficiency. Data from ITS also has homeland security applications.

What is its construction?

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Construction Engineering Inspection is vital to the success of modern infrastructure projects. As technology continually improves, we find ways to incorporate computer systems into roadways, keeping drivers safer and more informed.

What is its on a legal document?


Sometimes we use the word “Its” instead of “title.” It is intended to designate what position the signer holds at the company, in order to give evidence that this person is authorized to sign on behalf of the company.

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What does NIC stand for in government?

National Informatics Centre (NIC) under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) is the technology partner of the Government of India.

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