Often asked: How Do Submittals In Construction Work?

How do you create a submittal?


  1. Navigate to the project’s Submittals tool.
  2. Click + Create > Submittal.
  3. Create a new submittal as follows: Add General Information. Update the Delivery Information. Create a Distribution List. Calculate Submittal Schedule Information (If Enabled) Apply a Submittal Workflow Template. Add Users to the Submittal Workflow.

What is a submittal package?

A submittal package is a collection of submittal items grouped together by the contractor to expedite the approval process. The submittal coordinator should review and update the status of all items before submitting the package back to the contractor. To create a submittal package. Go to the Submittal Packages page.

What are submittals used for?

Submittals in construction management are shop drawings, material data, samples, and product data. Submittals are required primarily for the architect and engineer to verify that the correct products will be installed on the project.

Who approves construction submittals?

A submittal refers to the written and/or physical information provided by a responsible contractor (i.e., contractors and subs) to the general contractor. This information is submitted to the design team for approval of equipment, materials, etc. before they are fabricated and delivered to the project.

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What are RFI submittals?

The Construction RFI Process

Typically, RFI questions are asked and resolved during a project’s Bidding process and/or during the project’s course of construction.

What is the difference between submission and submittal?

Submittal: the action or an act of submitting something or to something. Submission: a document presented for consideration or judgement.

What is a submittal schedule?

WHAT IS A SUBMITTAL SCHEDULE? ○ A list of submittals expected by the Owner. submittals through their progression of preparation by the Contractor and approval by the Owner before the materials and/or equipment can be ordered, and how they affect the construction progress.

How do I submit submittals in procore?


  1. Navigate to the Project level Submittals tool.
  2. Navigate to the Packages tab.
  3. Click View next to the package with the submittals you want to send.
  4. If you want to send all of the submittals that are ready for review, click Send Now in the banner.

Who prepares shop drawings?

Shop drawings might be prepared by contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, manufacturers or fabricators. They generally relate to pre-fabricated components, showing how they should be manufactured or installed.

What is a closeout submittal?

Closeout Submittals” make up their own special category. These include warranties, Operations and Maintenance (O&M) data, final test reports, occupancy and other agency approvals, and extra materials, such as the floor, wall, and ceiling tiles needed for future repairs.

WHO issues change orders?

7.2. 1 ” A change order is written instrument prepared by the architect and signed by the owner, contractor, and architect”

What are submittals in engineering?

Submittals are documents, samples, and other information that must be delivered to the architects, engineers, consultants, and more on a project before work even starts on a project.

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What is RFI construction?

The goal of the Request For Information (RFI) is to act as a partnering tool to resolve these gaps, conflicts or subtle ambiguities during the bidding process or early in the construction process to eliminate the need for costly corrective measures.”

What is Transmittal in construction?

On a construction project, transmittals provide specific proof of what was sent, who it was sent to, and when it was sent. They help document the flow of information during a project. There are a lot of documents, files, and samples that change hands during a construction project.

What is submittal log?

Submittal logs are generally created at the beginning of the project as a tracking mechanism to ensure that all materials and final designs are approved by the design team prior to installation. A submittal is a way for the designer to ensure that the contractor picked one of the already approved products or an equal.

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