Quick Answer: What Is The Abbreviation For Construction?

What is the abbreviation of thr?


Acronym Definition
THR Target Heart Rate
THR Take Home Ration (nutrition; various locations)
THR Traditional Herbal Registration (UK)
THR The High Road (firearms forum)

Do acronyms construction?

DO. Door Opening. Architecture, Structural, Engineering.

What is the abbreviation for contractors?

Abbreviation for Contractor

9 CONTR Contractor Construction, Construction Drawing,
2 contr contractor
2 contr. contractor Genealogy
1 CNTOR Contractor Shipbuilding
1 contract. Contractor

What is an abbreviation for building?

streets and buildings: abbreviations and numbers

Words Abbreviations
Building Bldg.
Court Crt.
Crescent Cres.
Drive Dr.

What is the definition of 3?

1: a number that is one more than 2 — see Table of Numbers. 2: the third in a set or series the three of hearts. 3a: something having three units or members. b: three-pointer.

What is the meaning of classification?

1: the act or process of classifying. 2a: systematic arrangement in groups or categories according to established criteria specifically: taxonomy. b: class, category. Other Words from classification Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More about classification.

What is DP in construction?

DP. Downpipe. DPC / DPM. Damp-proof course / damp-proof membrane. DW.

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What does DG mean in construction?

Decomposed granite is classification of rock that is derived from granite via its weathering to the point that the parent material readily fractures into smaller pieces of weaker rock.

What does POS stand for in construction?

POS – Public Open Space. POT – Peak Over a Threshold.

How do you abbreviate services?

There are three common abbreviations for the words service or services: Svcs. svc. ser.

What is the abbreviation for engineering?

There are three common abbreviations of engineering. They are engr., eng., and engrg.

What is the abbreviation for control?

C Control Academic & Science » Electronics Rate it:
CTRL Control Computing » Hardware Rate it:
CNTL Control Governmental » NASA Rate it:
CONTR CONTRol Governmental » NASA Rate it:
CTL ConTroL Governmental » NASA Rate it:

What does APT stand for?


Acronym Definition
APT Advanced Package Tool (Linux)
APT Action for Public Transport (Australia)
APT Advanced Persistent Threat (intelligence security)
APT Appellant

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