Readers ask: How To Decorate A Construction Paper Pumpkin?

How do you make a pumpkin out of construction paper?

Stack two pieces of orange construction paper then fold them in half. Cut out half pumpkin shapes on the folded edge. Continue to cut until you have at least 4 half pumpkin shapes. Once unfolded these shapes should look like full pumpkins.

How do you decorate a fake pumpkin?

There are tons of ways to dress up your faux gourds, but these eight designs will be love at first sight!

  1. Paint a Mural.
  2. Add Details with Duct Tape.
  3. Embellish with Beans.
  4. Carve Out a Colorful Peek-A-Boo.
  5. Make ‘Em Shine.
  6. Stack Up a Topiary.
  7. Paint a Coat of Chalkboard.
  8. Add Decorative Studs.

How do you make a 3d paper pumpkin?


  1. 1Make a pumpkin pattern.
  2. 2Cut out the pumpkin pattern.
  3. 3Draw pumpkin shapes.
  4. 4Cut out the pumpkin shapes.
  5. 5Fold each pumpkin shape.
  6. 6Apply glue.
  7. 7Glue 2 pumpkin shapes together.
  8. 8Press to glue in place.

How do you make a jack o lantern with construction paper?

Fold and Cut Your Paper

  1. Fold and Cut Your Paper. Begin by cutting the construction paper in half lengthwise, making a long strip.
  2. Trace or draw a circle onto your folded paper.
  3. Cut out the pumpkin shape, being sure to leave the edges connected.
  4. Decorate The JackOLanterns.
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How do you draw a pumpkin step by step?


  1. Draw a center oval.
  2. Add a curved shape on the right.
  3. Add a curved shape on the left.
  4. Add a curved shape on the right.
  5. Add a curved shape on the left.
  6. Place a stem on the top.
  7. Draw a vine with leaves and horizon line.
  8. Trace with aa marker. Color with yellow and light green crayons.

How do you make a thankful pumpkin?

This sweet idea from One Artsy Mama, requires only a Sharpie, a pumpkin and a heart full of gratitude. Each day, ask your kids what they are thankful for and then write it down on the pumpkin. By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, you will have a pumpkin full of happiness.

What can you do with pumpkin decorations?

Don’t Toss Your Leftover Jack-o’-Lanterns—Here are 6 Ways to Recycle Them

  1. You Can Eat Most Pumpkins. Of course, you can always bring any clean, uncarved pumpkins to the kitchen to eat yourself!
  2. Pass Along Your Pumpkins.
  3. Feed the Birds.
  4. Create Compost.
  5. Play With Your Pumpkins.
  6. Feed the Wildlife.

What kind of paint do u use on a pumpkin?

Use Acrylic Paints for General Decorating

Thomas agrees and recommends acrylic paint instead of oil-based when painting pumpkins. “It’s quick-drying, easy to use, and clean-up is a breeze,” she says. “Because acrylic is water-based, if you mess up, you can wipe it off with a rag and start over!

Do Sharpies work on pumpkins?

Permanent markers really adhere to the pumpkin skin. I love this variety pack of Sharpies – so you have every width of marker to work with in the designs. The next thing you will need is an unwaxed pumpkin. Often times the pumpkins and gourds you purchase at the store have a coating of wax on them.

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How do you make a pumpkin out of cardboard for Halloween?

  1. Step 1: Free Your Pumpkin From It’s Cardboard Origins. Once you have figured out how large you want your pumpkin to be, find a box with one side at least as big.
  2. Step 2: Time to Paint.
  3. Step 3: Making the Cut.
  4. Step 4: Adding the Finishing Touches.
  5. Step 5: Adding a Stand and Lights.

How do you make a homemade pumpkin?

See the full post here.

  1. Create Some From Felted Dryer Balls.
  2. Paint a Wood Slice as a Gourd.
  3. Make Huge Orange Pumpkins From Pallets.
  4. Wrap Dollar Store Pumpkins in Grapevines.
  5. Use a Ball of Twine as an Instant Pumpkin.
  6. Coat a Plastic Gourd in Dozens of Fabric Flowers.
  7. Build an Archway From Plastic Buckets.

How do you make a 3D paper snowflake?


  1. 1Make 6 identical squares. Prepare 6 squares of equal size using blue, white, or silver plain or patterned paper.
  2. 2Fold the square in half. Take one of the six squares.
  3. 3Fold the triangle in half.
  4. 4Make three slits.
  5. 5Unfold the paper.
  6. 6Glue the inner flaps together.
  7. 7Flip the paper.
  8. 8Glue the second pair of flaps.

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