Readers ask: What Does Csi Stand For In Construction?

What is a CSI code in construction?

The 16 Divisions of construction, as defined by the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)’s MasterFormat, is the most widely used standard for organizing specifications and other written information for commercial and institutional building projects in the U.S. and Canada.

What does the acronym CSI mean?


Acronym Definition
CSI Crime Scene Investigator
CSI CompuServe, Inc.
CSI Crime Scene Investigation (CBS TV show)
CSI Construction Specifications Institute

What is CSI format?

CSI MasterFormat is the standard used to provide synchronicity between manufacturers and builders. The MasterFormat is used by manufacturers to ensure that their products meet requirements such as size, weight, or material types.

What is the Construction Specifications Institute CSI MasterFormat?

MasterFormat®, a publication of CSI and CSC, is a master list of numbers and titles classified by work results. It is primarily used to organize project manuals and detailed cost information, and to relate drawing notations to specifications.

What are cost codes in construction?

The cost code identifies a specific task within a job. The cost type identifies specific costs within the activity, such as labor or materials. In JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Job Cost, you use the cost code to describe the task and the cost type to describe the cost associated with the task.

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What CSI division is concrete?

Division 03 – Concrete Manufacturers.

What does CSI mean in banking?

An area of ongoing interest is the protection of confidential supervisory information (CSI), a term used by the banking agencies to refer to information that is prepared by, on behalf of, or for the use of financial regulatory agencies, including state or federal banking supervisors.

What does CSI mean in business?

Corporate social investment (CSI) is external to the normal business activities of a company and is not primarily undertaken for purposes of increasing company profit, nor is it driven primarily as a marketing initiative, although it can help a company develop a competitive advantage.

How do you become a CSI?

CSI candidates must meet the minimum requirements of the agency to which they are applying. CSIs typically need a bachelor’s degree in either a natural or forensic science, such as chemistry or biology, or in a field such as criminal justice, crime scene technology, or criminology.

What CSI division is insulation?

Division 07 – Roofing, Waterproofing and Insulation.

What is a 3 part CSI specification?

CSI’s 3Part SectionFormat™ divides each specification document into – you guessed it – three parts: General, Products, and Execution. Within each of the three parts is a standard set of article titles set in a standard order to further organize the specification data.

What are the different types of specifications?

Four Types of “Specifications

  • Product Specification: This describes a manufacturer’s product and its performance without consideration for a particular building.
  • Project Specification: This describes an architect’s design and performance requirements for a particular building.
  • Master Specification:
  • Guide Specification:
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What CSI code is demolition?

Division 2 Existing Conditions captures site assessments and investigations, demolition of structures, and the remediation of contaminated soil, buildings, and groundwater.

What CSI Division applies to all contractors and subcontractors?

Division 01–General Requirements: The first division of the specifications, Division 01 includes administrative and procedural requirements that apply to all the work, whether performed by the prime contractor or subcontractors.

What is a specification in construction?

Specification: A detailed description of the dimensions, construction, workmanship, materials etc., of work done or to be done, prepared by an architect, engineer etc.

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