What Is A Csi Code In Construction?

What does CSI stand for in construction?

Website. www.csiresources.org. The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) is a United States national association of more than 8,000 construction industry professionals who are experts in building construction and the materials used therein.

What is the CSI format?

The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) is the organization that publishes the MasterFormat. This publication is the specifications-writing standard for most of today’s construction and commercial building design projects in North America.

What CSI division is structural steel?

CSI MasterFormat Division List

Introductory Information
Bidding Requirements
05100 Structural Metal Framing
05200 Metal Joists
05300 Metal Deck

What CSI code is demolition?

Division 2 Existing Conditions captures site assessments and investigations, demolition of structures, and the remediation of contaminated soil, buildings, and groundwater.

What are the 4 types of construction?

The four major types of construction include residential building, institutional and commercial building, specialized industrial construction, infrastructure and heavy construction.

  • Residential Building.
  • Institutional and Commercial Building.
  • Specialized Industrial Construction.
  • Infrastructure and Heavy Construction.
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What are CSI codes used for?

Organize your construction specs and project information

MasterFormat is a coding system for organizing construction documents, contracts, design specifications, and operational manuals. It uses specific numbers and associated titles that make up a universal indexing system.

What CSI division is drywall?

Division 09 – Finishes – Walls, Ceilings and Floors.

What is a 3 part CSI specification?

CSI’s 3Part SectionFormat™ divides each specification document into – you guessed it – three parts: General, Products, and Execution. Within each of the three parts is a standard set of article titles set in a standard order to further organize the specification data.

What CSI division is insulation?

Division 07 – Roofing, Waterproofing and Insulation.

What are Division 10 Specialties?

Division 10 is a division of construction that covers specialty products and materials for projects. These are products that don’t exactly fall under other standard divisions.

What construction division is appliances?

Division 11 Equipment – Buildipedia.

How many divisions are there in MasterFormat?

The information contained in MasterFormat® is organized in a standardized outline format within 50 Divisions (16 Divisions pre-2004).

What are the 16 CSI divisions?


  • Division 01 — General Requirement.
  • Division 02 — Existing Conditions.
  • Division 03 — Concrete.
  • Division 04 — Masonry.
  • Division 05 — Metals.
  • Division 06 — Wood and Plastics.
  • Division 07 — Thermal and Moisture Protection.
  • Division 08 — Doors and Windows.

How do you write a construction project specification?

Writing Specifications for Construction Contracts

  1. The layout and grouping of subjects should be logical.
  2. Requirements for each subject should be stated clearly, in logical order, and checked to see all aspects are covered.
  3. Language and punctuation should be checked to see they cannot give rise to ambiguity.
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What is the Construction Specifications Institute CSI MasterFormat?

MasterFormat®, a publication of CSI and CSC, is a master list of numbers and titles classified by work results. It is primarily used to organize project manuals and detailed cost information, and to relate drawing notations to specifications.

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