FAQ: How To Build A Prison In Prison Architect?

What is the fastest way to make money in prison architect?

You can easily rake in anywhere between 9 and 30k per day just from releasing people if you have enough prisonersparole rooms. A forestry by itself is not very profitable, since trees cost 100, and give you 3 logs worth 50 each, and each tree requires workers to plant and chop down, so you’re really breaking even.

What can you do in prison architect?

Prison Architect: 10 Tips For Building (& Running) A Successful

  • 3 Body Armor And Tazers Are Worth It.
  • 4 Metal Detectors And Dogs In Canteen.
  • 5 Build Double Fences.
  • 6 Location, Location, Location.
  • 7 Do Frequent Shakedowns.
  • 8 Keep Yard And Cells Centered.
  • 9 Build A Storage Room Soon.
  • 10 Start With Quick Grants.

Can you play as a prisoner in prison architect?

Besides from building and managing prisons, there is another game mode in Prison Architect: Escape Mode, where you take control of a prisoner attempting to escape from the prison. Escape Mode can also be started from the menu directly, where you can load any save game to start playing there as a prisoner.

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How much sleep do prisoners need prison architect?

Sleep. During scheduled sleep times, prisoners will be confined to their cells. 5 hours sleep can be enough, but going lower may be dangerous. Prisoners will not sleep before 10 pm or after 8 am,regardless of the Regime.

How do you cheat in prison architect?

Here is how to enable the cheats & use them!

  1. The cheats need to be enabled individually for every prison. Create a new prison with the “Dev Tools and Cheats” option enabled or add “CheatsEnabled true” to the save file of an existing prison.
  2. There are multiple cheats now shown;

How do you cheat money in prison architect?

To edit your amount of in game money, hold Cmd+F (Ctrl+F for windows) and search for Finance in the prison file. Change the number after that to whatever amount of money you want. e.g “Balance 10000” Take note that if you log out of that game you will only have 1 money left however you indeed have 10000.

How do you kill prisoners in prison architect?

Guard Violence – guards will subdue prisoners that are engaging in misconduct. They will do this with either the use of their batons, fists or tasers (if they have them). Armed Guards and Snipers will predominantly focus on the use of their firearm – especially if freefire is turned on.

How do you remove prisoners in prison architect?

Make sure to double the walls so they can’t escape. Call a fire truck and move a single fireman right next to the “chamber”. Manually hose water right on top of the generator and as soon as it catches on fire move the firemen away. Let it burn itself out and you should kill every prisoner inside.

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How do you stop prisoners from escaping prison architect?


  1. A good way to stop escaping prisoners is fencing.
  2. Dogs run much faster than prisoners do.
  3. If prisoners are trying to escape, put armed guards at the exits of your prison.
  4. Perimeter walls may be expensive and take a long time to build but they’re a formidable barrier for prisoners attempting to tunnel out.

How do I sell my prison in prison architect?

In order to sell your prison you have to meet these requirements:

  1. An accountant at your prison with their own office.
  2. $50,000 minimum positive prison value.
  3. 20 or more prisoners.
  4. No recent deaths or escapes.

How do I download prisons in prison architect?

You can do so from within the game (Main Menu > Extra > Share Your Prison) or directly in Steam using the “Subscribe” button. Once uploaded, everybody with Steam access can download it in the game’s menu, after subscribing it in Steam.

How do you turn on escape mode in prison architect?

To access escape mode hit the escape key, then click extras, and there is an option for escape mode, for one of the prisons you’ve created.

What is the best regime in prison architect?

Overall, you should stick to the below pattern: 11pm-8am – Sleep. Prisoners wake up automatically at 8am, so there’s no point in forcing them to stay in bed until noon. An eight hour sleep time is usually enough to satisfy the prisoners.

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