How To Build A 400 Sbc?

How much power can a 400 SBC make?

With the stock Vortec heads, the low-compression 400 managed to make 376 hp and almost 450 lb-ft of torque.

How much HP can a stock 400 SBC crank handle?

400 cranks are nodular iron and will handle 500 hp easy.

Is a 400 SBC a good motor?

Overall, the 400 SBC is a really good block. They do come with a bit shorter connecting rods (5.565″ compared to 5.700″ for the 350) than do most of the other SBC engines out there.

What size heads for 400 SBC?

A hot 400 SBC can easily use a head with 200+ cc intake port volume. 180cc will work OK, but will run out of breathe real quick. My 383 uses 210cc heads with 2.05 intakes.

What is the best 400 SBC block?

The 509 is one of the best 400 blocks to use because of the high nickel content and is probably the strongest of the stock 400 blocks. Becareful when you buy it check the boresize on it and make sure you will not have to bore any larger than 30 thousandths over stock bore.

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Do you need steam holes on 400 SBC heads?

The SBC 400 block was designed with steam holes in the deck and heads. SBC heads with steam holes can be used on other blocks without problem by using a 350 head gasket.

How much HP can stock SBC rods handle?

Registered. If you put good rod bolts in them they are good to 450-500hp. RPM’s is what kills parts not really the HP. In most cases the rods themselves don’t fail the bolts do.

Can you get 500HP out of a 350?

Youcanget 500HP out of a 350 BUT because it is a small cubic inch engine it IS going to be peaky and won’t have much torque. As soon as that chain gets stuck, it’ll bog down and stop because it doesn’t have enough “torque” to rip that chain loose to keep cutting. Imagine having a car like that.

How much power can a scat 9000 crank handle?

The scat 9000 cranks are supposedly good to 500 hp but theres likely to be a significant margin of safety in there. I think the more likely place for failure is with the high piston speed on a stroker the piston or rod is more likely to come apart above 6500 than the crank!

Will SBC 400 heads work on a 350?

You can put 400 heads on a 350 but you should not put 350 heads on a 400 without drilling the steam holes.

What vehicles came with a 400 SBC?

The 400 small block Chevy was produced from 1970 until 1977. It was originally installed in big sedans and wagons, but later found its way into some trucks. I don’t believe it was ever put in the Chevelle or Camaro. A co-worker has a very healthy 400 in his ’88 Corvette.

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Why is a 383 better than a 400?

The 383 has a better RPM range, with lots of low end torque. The 400 is a great truck engine, and if done properly, can be a great car engine as well. No_Dice was right, most of the overheating problems these engines has was because GM was using too small of a radiator for the engine.

What is the best SBC to build?

Best Chevy Engine Builds

  • 496 Chevy Big-Block.
  • 454 Chevy Big-Block.
  • 582 Chevy Big-Block.
  • 427 Small-Block Build.
  • 383 Small-Block Build.
  • 350 Small-Block Build.
  • 396 LT1 Small-Block Build.
  • 355 LT1 Small-Block Build.

Can you put Vortec heads on a 400 SBC?

The idea was to bolt a set of iron Vortec heads on a junkyard 400 small block Chevy, add a cam, and enjoy the torque. Right away, we ran into snags.

400ci Engine Blueprinted.

Operation COST
Bore and torque-plate-hone 290.00
Align-hone block 190.00
Deck block 190.00
Install cam bearings 60.00

What is the best SBC heads?

Choose the Best Aluminum Head for Small Block Chevy

  • DNA Motoring CYLH-SBC-350 – Cheapest Option.
  • Auto Dynasty SBC 200cc – Best Combination of Price & Value.
  • Racing Head Service (RHS) 11011 – Most Powerful Aluminum Head.
  • Edelbrock 5089 – Best for Quality.
  • DNA Motoring LEPOW-038 – Best for Reliable Materials & Build.

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