How To Build A Bulkhead Above Kitchen Cabinets?

How do I fill the space above my kitchen cabinets?

Add plywood to the 2×2 frame above the cabinets

Measure the distance between the ceiling and kitchen cabinets. Then, cut a piece of 1/4″ plywood to this size less a 1/4″ so you can easily move it into the space. We actually had our plywood cut at the home improvement store.

What do you do with kitchen soffit above cabinets?

8 Ways to Deal with Those Awkward Kitchen Cabinet Soffits

  1. Fill in the space with trim.
  2. Fill in the space with a furr down.
  3. Fill the space with trim in a contrasting color.
  4. Get some really tall upper cabinets.
  5. Add a second row of cabinets.
  6. Add a window.
  7. Paint the wall the same color as the cabinets.
  8. Embrace it.

How can I hide my kitchen bulkhead?

10 Ways to Disguise a Kitchen Soffit

  1. Add moulding.
  2. Thicken the soffit as a border around the kitchen.
  3. Lower the entire kitchen ceiling to soffit height.
  4. Paint the ceiling.
  5. Get rid of it altogether as seen from an Apartment Therapy reader.
  6. Go monotone with the walls, cabinets, and soffits.
  7. Opt for built-in shelf niches.
  8. Make the soffit look like a beam.
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What to do with the space above the cabinets?

How to Perfectly Decorate the Space Above Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Add a plant.
  2. Think outside the canvas.
  3. Matching collections.
  4. Create a mini kitchen library.
  5. Vintage gallery.
  6. Cabinet top bar cart.
  7. Create stylish storage.
  8. Upcycled bud vases.

What is the space between kitchen cabinets and ceiling called?

One inescapable feature of kitchen wall cabinets: the long, open soffits that run across the tops of the cabinets. Cabinet soffits are, at best, dark spaces that need aesthetic attention. At worst, open cabinet soffits eat up valuable storage space.

Why do kitchen cabinets not go to ceiling?

Ceiling height cabinets are not easy to access as they are very high up in the ceiling. Anything up there at the top of these cabinets is quite hard to access hence you will need to have something to step on in order to reach these things. This also poses some very serious safety concerns.

Can you remove soffit above kitchen cabinets?

Removing a soffit may cause cabinet damage or necessitate replacing them entirely. Even if a soffit can be removed without disturbing ducts, pipes, or wiring, any cabinetry touching the soffit will need to be, at least, temporarily removed.

Is greenery above kitchen cabinets outdated?

Greenery above kitchen cabinets will never be outdated as it lifts the eye away from the ordinary to something a bit more beautiful and calming. What makes it even better is to keep changing the greenery around so that your guests will never know what to expect when they come in the door.

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How much does it cost to build a soffit?

Replacing your soffit generally costs about $20 to $30 a linear foot installed, while replacing your fascia costs about $15 to $25 a linear foot installed. Prices for the project depend on a number of factors, including the materials used and the size of your house.

How do you frame a soffit ceiling?

Table of Contents

  1. Step 1: Measure and Mark.
  2. Step 2: Cut and Install Wall and Ceiling Plates.
  3. Step 3: Build the Box Frame.
  4. Step 4: Install the Box Frame.
  5. Step 5: Mark the Studs.
  6. Step 6: Cut and Hang the Drywall.
  7. Step 7: Add Finishing Touches.

How do you cover a kitchen soffit?

Here are some creative ideas for kitchen soffits:

  1. Add Moulding Border.
  2. Paint them.
  3. Add new cabinets.
  4. Cover Them With Artwork.
  5. Build a window.
  6. Place Plants.
  7. Cover Soffits with Beadboard.
  8. Use Sculptures or Books.

What is a bulkhead in a house?

A bulkhead is a section of ceiling that has been dropped and boxed-in or enclosed. Bulkheads are typically used to conceal something. It could be plumbing pipes, electrical wires, duct work, or exhaust fans.

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