How To Build A Hay Barn?

How much does it cost to build a hay barn?

Hay barns cost $5 to $30 per square foot. Since this style tends to be fairly basic, you’ll pay less per square foot for a larger size. Pole barns are the most common type for storing hay.

How tall should a hay barn be?

Sizing a hay barn depends on bale type, quantity, and method of filling and feeding. Provide a minimum of 16 feet of eave height clearance. Allow 250 cubic feet of storage per ton of small square bales and 310 cubic feet per ton for large round bales (which are less dense).

How much space does 100 bales of hay take up?

Baled hay requires approximately 250 cubic feet of storage space per ton of hay. An 1,100-pound horse eating 1.5 percent to 2.0 percent of its body weight per day in hay would eat 16.5 to 22.0 pounds per day, or in one year about 3 to 4 tons (100-120 bales of hay).

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How long does it take to build a 30×40 pole barn?

Your building time will vary from less than a week for a detached garage to a month or more for large commercial spaces. A typical 2,000-3,000 square foot building typically takes about two weeks to complete the majority of the project.

How much would a 40×60 concrete slab cost?

How much does a 40×60 concrete slab cost? It would be about $8,500 to $12,000 for a 40×60 foot concrete slab, 6 inches thick. That’s based on national averages of around $5 per square foot for a fully engineered, finished concrete slab, including labor and materials.

Is it cheaper to buy a shed or build one?

If you’ve been wondering is it cheaper to build your own shed, you’ll discover that yes, it is less expensive to build your own shed than to purchase a pre-built shed. That is at least if you have all the tools required to build the shed. Typically, it won’t take many specialty tools to build the shed.

How do you store hay in a barn?

Protect valuable hay from the elements by storing it under cover in a building that doesn’t leak and has good ventilation. Choose a building on an elevated, well-drained site. Hay is highly flammable, so you don’t want it overhead if your main barn catches fire.

How do you stack hay in a barn?

Hay should be stacked in a crisscross manner, one layer in one direction and the next layer the other direction etc. and not packed too tightly to allow some air gap between bales. On larger stacks the bottom layer will necessarily hold moisture over time, and these bales are not usually horse worthy hay at that point.

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How tall is a squeeze of hay?

Standard hay squeeze forks are 10″ to 14″ tall (vs. a bale height of 15″).

How big is a 2 string hay bale?

Rectangle Bales

Size Dimension(L x H x W) Weight
2 stringed bale 36 inches x 19 inches x 16 inches 40 to 75 lbs.
3 stringed bale 44 inches x 22 inches x 15 inches 100 to 140 lbs.
Half ton 6 ft x 4 ft x 3 ft 1000 lbs.
1 Ton 8 ft x 4 ft x 4 ft 2000 lbs.

How long can you store hay in a barn?

You can store hay indefinitely if the stack is managed correctly; although, in humid climates, using hay within three years of harvest is ideal. Hay growers need to bale it at correct moisture levels because if it’s baled too damp the hay will generate heat, which leads to molding.

How many tons of hay does a horse need per year?

And the average horse eats approximately 3-4 tons (6,000-8,000 pounds) of hay per year. This is assuming the horse is not fed any other significant source of food, such as pasture or grain. An average sized hay bale (95 pounds) makes for an average of about 21 bales to a ton of hay.

How much is a 30×40 pole barn kit?

Pole Barn Prices by Size

Size Cost Range Typical Use
30×30 $6,000 – $15,000 medium farm workshop, 5 horse barn
30×40 $8,000 – $20,000 4 car garage, 8 horse barn
30×50 $10,000 – $24,000 farm equipment storage, 10 horse barn
30×60 $12,000 – $25,000 6 car garage, 12 horse barn

How much would a 30×40 concrete slab cost?

Concrete Slab Cost Calculator

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Size (in feet) Approximate Cost
20×40 $4,800
30×30 $5,400
30×40 $7,200
30×50 $9,000

How much does it cost to build a 30×40 shop?

The cost for straight wall metal garages starts at about $12 per square ft. Taking the roof into account, the cost of a 30’x40′ straight wall garage is about $14,400. Accessories and delivery will add another $3000 to this cost for a total estimate of $17,400.

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