How To Build Flared Deck Steps?

How do you build curved deck stairs?

Multi-Feature Curved Deck: Building the Stairs

  1. Add bracing. A typical stringer just misses the rim joist when set in place.
  2. Cut a trial stringer. Lay out and cut a trial stringer.
  3. Lay out the pad.
  4. Install the stringers.
  5. Add the top and bottom risers.
  6. Install any lights.
  7. Complete the tread installation.

What should I put on the bottom of my deck stairs?

Footings with Different Deck Stair Landing Options

  • Concrete landing pad.
  • A wood box-type landing pad.
  • Crushed stone.
  • Patio Blocks.

How do you cut the perfect stair stringers?


  1. Clamp a guide to the square.
  2. Find the crown.
  3. Lay out the first tread and the second riser.
  4. Lay out the second tread and the third riser.
  5. Mark the back of the top tread.
  6. Mark the plumb cut at the top of the stringer.
  7. Lay out the bottom riser.
  8. Adjust the first riser height.

Do deck stairs have to land on concrete?

Stair landings must be at least as wide as the stair and at least 3 feet deep. On the other hand, solid, flat, and stable materials, such as concrete, flagstone, pavers, or brick, can be installed with a measurable slope and will not usually shift under the weight of an off-balance person completing a stairway descent.

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Do deck stair stringers need support?

Stringers typically have two bearing points, with the plumb (vertical) cut bearing on a rim joist or on a beam, and the seat (horizontal) cut bearing on—at minimum—a solid landing. To help resist both vertical and lateral loads, stringers require proper support and attachment at these bearing points.

How deep should footings be for steps?

Entry Step Footings

  1. Footings must be at least 42 inches in depth.
  2. They may be block, poured concrete wall or post footings.
  3. Also, the Landing of the steps, must be at least 36 inches from where it abuts (lies adjacent to) the house out to the first step.

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