How To Build Stampy’s World?

Is stampy done with YouTube?

On 24th October 2018, he announced that he was done editing his final Minecraft video for the foreseeable future.

What is stampy’s email?

Send him an email at or if it is business related. What are the top 3 dogs can you make a list of it Stampy? wrong video on fish tank!

Why did Ashdubh quit YouTube?

On 27th March 2019, he announced that he would stop uploading videos on his main channel after 30th April due to personal matters. The channel has since been taken over by a YouTuber by the name of Drewplays, who also posts gaming videos.

Who is L for Lee?

L for Leeeee x, whose real name is Lee Carson, is a Minecraft player who was popular for appearing as one of Stampy’s friends and helpers in Stampy’s Lovely World, becoming one of the most influential helpers in that series and helped boost Stampy into prominence by their partnership they have developed that were

Did Stampylonghead quit YouTube?

Initially, his channel consisted of live-action comedy skits he made along with his friends, but he soon transitioned to the gaming genre after “Let’s Play” videos surged in popularity on YouTube. He mainly played violent video games such as Homefront, but soon quit his channel and created a new one, stampylonghead.

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Who is hit the target in stampy’s lovely world?

HitTheTarget98 (often shortened to Hit the Target) is a re-occurring character and the main antagonist inside of Stampy’s Lovely World. Despite his now-infamous stereotype of being an antagonistic villain, he was introduced to the series in episode 16 as a regular Minecraft Helper.

What happened to stampy’s lovely world?

For six years, the Lovely World was played on the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft. After that edition was discontinued after the Update Aquatic, the world has now been played on the Bedrock edition (PC) since 2020, making the only Minecraft series in the channel to be played on two versions.

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