Often asked: How To Build A Truck Tool Box?

Do truck tool boxes fit all trucks?

Generally, toolboxes come in semi-custom sizes. This enables the box to fit a variety of trucks within the same truck class.

Are truck tool boxes worth it?

You might experience “sticker shock” the first time you start shopping for truck tool boxes. They can be a little expensive. However, think of the cost of replacing your tools due to theft, loss or damage and you can see the investment is well worth it. A high-quality tool box will last a lifetime.

How should I organize my truck?

The Best Storage Solutions to Organize Your Truck

  1. Truck Bed Cases. One of our most popular storage items, the UnderCover Swing Case fits nearly all truck beds, even those with tonneau covers, bed liners, tool boxes, or any combination of these.
  2. Bed Extenders.
  3. Cargo Bags And Nets.
  4. Cargo Bars.
  5. Accessory Pack.
  6. Under Seat Storage.
  7. Cab Organizer.
  8. Consoles.

How do I organize my truck service?

20 Service Truck Organization Tips

  1. Declutter Your Vehicle. As you begin the organizing process, you’ll need to look through your vehicle and get rid of anything unnecessary.
  2. Take Inventory.
  3. Consider How Often You Use Tools.
  4. Use Technology.
  5. Lay a Foundation.
  6. Load From the Bottom to the Top.
  7. Stow the Little Things in Individualized Containers.
  8. Consoles.
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Does Home Depot sell truck tool boxes?

12 – Chest Truck Tool BoxesTruck Tool Boxes – The Home Depot.

What is the best tool box for a truck?

The Best Truck Tool Box

  • Dee Zee Specialty Series Wheel Well Toolbox.
  • Deflecta-Shield Challenger Side Mount Truck Toolbox.
  • BAK BakBox.
  • Dee Zee Low Profile Single Lid Crossover Truck Toolbox.
  • Du-Ha Humpstor.
  • Dee Zee Red Series Side Mount Toolbox.
  • Deflecta-Shield Challenger Truck Tool Chest.
  • Dee Zee Poly Wheel Well Tool Box.

What size toolbox does my truck need?

How to Measure Your Truck for a Toolbox

  1. Measure the Distance Between your Bed Rails. This distance determines the maximum width your toolbox can stretch.
  2. Determine the Height of your Bed Walls. For this number, measure how tall your truck bed is from the floor to the top of the rail.
  3. Find the Distance Between the Base of your Wheel Wells and the Bulkhead.

Are truck tool boxes waterproof?

Whether you use your truck for work or as more of a personal vehicle, a toolbox or storage box is essential on the road. It’ll free up space in your cab, store your equipment in one place, and keep them safe from the elements. Unfortunately, not all truck tool boxes are waterproof.

Who makes Craftsman Truck tool boxes?

This is a really well made tool box made by the Werner Company for Craftsman. It fits perfectly in my ’86 Red Chevy Silverado. It has a push button latch on both sides and a sturdy plastic sliding tray that accommodates small tools you would like to keep handy.

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Are Weatherguard tool boxes worth it?

Yes, they tend to be a little more expensive then some of the other manufacturers out there, but it’s worth every penny. You spend a lot of money on your tools and want to protect them from weather, thieves and just plain banging around in the back of your bed. I know my tools are protected inside the box.

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