Question: How To Build A Slant Board?

What angle should a slant board be?

An effective sloping work surface must be tilted at an angle between 20 and 23 degrees from the horizontal. The Visual Edge Slant Board rests at 22 degrees, the research-proven optimum angle.

Do slant boards work?

The slant board is great for symptom relief regarding any accrued tightness from poor running mechanics and muscle weaknesses; however, it never addresses the underlying cause of injury. This is often the case for revolving door injures—those with repeated overuse injuries to the same tissue (calf, hamstring, etc).

What is a slant board good for?

Using a slant board is one tool that can be used in the classroom. The upright posture and less movement of the head and eyes that need to shift to visually scan from the desk to the wall can help with copying when a slant board is used.

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