Question: How To Build A Springer Front End From Scratch?

Are Springer front ends good?

Springer Advantages: not many, the springer front end IMHO hangs around because it still makes money for Willie G and crew. It looks and feels old, a kinder word would be nostalgic. It takes one back to the good ol days. You should definitely try and ride one, to compare to modern era of oil/air shock.

How do you measure a Springer front end?

Place your front wheel so the axle would be about 3 inches in front of the broomstick, then measure from the bottom of the frame neck to the axle hole in the wheel. This number will be your guide for the springer length you need. About 22″ indicates you need a stock length springer.

What is the stock length of a Springer front end?

Todays factory springers (1997 and up) are 22″ which is 2″ longer than early Knucklehead springers. Todays factory springers (1997 and up) are 22″ which is 2″ longer than early Knucklehead springers.

Are Springer forks good?

Springers can be reliable and look cool. They can also function well. As long as you get a nice one.

What is a Springer motorcycle?

A springer fork does not have the suspension built into the fork tubes, but instead has it mounted externally, where it may be integrated into the triple clamp. A short leading link holds the wheel and the forward leg which actuates the springs (usually mounted on the triple clamp).

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How do you measure rake and trail?

Trail (B) is measured in distance (inches or millimeters) between the point of the front wheel’s contact with the ground and a line drawn through the axis of the steering head. Under normal operation, this contact point is always some distance behind the projected line—somewhere between 2 and 4 inches (5–10 cm).

Where are Moto iron Springer made?

Made in beautiful downtown Korea.

How do you measure fork on a Harley?

Fork lengths measured in inches from the bottom of the lower fork bearing cup (or a point parallel to it on the fork tube) to the center of the axle hole. With this list, you can determine the length of a set of tubes, a springer, a girder, or whatever, you need.

How are motorcycle fork tubes measured?

Fork length is measured from the base of the frame neck to the center point of the axle mounting hole. For any off-the-shelf motorcycle this standard measurement for the front forks is considered stock length.

What does a springer fork do?

Springer forks have two springs to soften the ride, allowing the bumps of the road to be absorbed somewhat before reaching the rider’s hands. The hydraulic forks, filled with pressurized fluid, perform the same function, but with a much different feel on the road.

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