Question: How To Build A Sump Pump Drainage System?

How deep should a sump pump discharge line be?

The ideal depth is at or below the frost line. Unfortunately in our area, that depths is 5 feet and most lots don’t allow for that kind of depth when installing an underground discharge line.

How far should sump pump drain from house?

It is important to keep the discharge point of your sump pump as far from your foundation as possible. The minimum distance should be 10 feet. Most discharge pipes have a flexible hose tightly attached to the pipe coming from the basement. During non-freezing weather this works just fine.

How do I bury my sump pump discharge line?

It is recommended to bury the pipe at least 5 inches below the frost line––and if you opt for an above grade solution, extend the discharge line at least 10 feet away from the foundation wall. The sump pit has a line that goes from the pump up and out of the basement.

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Where should a sump pump drain line be?

Discharge Line

  1. They generally install at about an 8 foot head- this means that the discharge line runs straight upwards about eight feet before being level with the yard.
  2. A sump pump discharge line needs to be large enough to hold ALL the water that the sump pump discharges.

Is it OK to pee in a sump pump?

The sump pump shouldn’t be pumping pee. If in the basement of a house, a sump pump is normally meant to keep groundwater from flooding the basement.

Can you drain your sump pump into sewer line?

Answer: Although it may be legal in your region to connect your sump pump to the sewer line, in most of the United States it is illegal to connect your sump pump to your sewer line. When there is heavy rainfall, the sewage treatment plants can become overloaded.

How do you winterize a sump pump discharge?

Sump Pump Winter Maintenance

  1. Remove your sump pump’s discharge hose for the winter.
  2. Make sure to re-attach the hose when warmer temperatures return.
  3. Have an extra discharge hose handy.
  4. Never unplug your sump pump.
  5. Clear out debris in your sump pump’s pit.
  6. Test your pump regularly.

Should I drill holes in sump pump basin?

Should I also drill holes in the bottom? Some contractors drill holes in the bottom of the sump basin and around the sides to allow excess water to enter and prevent the basin from floating up. for a standard sump pump). This will prevent larger solids from entering the basin and clogging the pump.

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How powerful of a sump pump do I need?

There is no “correct” size. The horsepower requirement for a house is determined by the area of drainage connected to the sump, the depth to groundwater, the depth of the basement and many other factors. A 1/3 horsepower (hp) pump is satisfactory for most houses, but a 1/2 hp pump doesn’t cost that much more.

How much does it cost to bury a sump pump line?

If you choose to hire a professional to bury your discharge and you include a product like IceGuard, you will usually pay another $200- 400 if you can bury the line within 15 feet of the exit point.

What does sump pump drain into?

Sump pumps send water away from a house to any place where it is no longer problematic, such as a municipal storm drain or a dry well. Pumps may discharge to the sanitary sewer in older installations.

How much does it cost to replace a sump pump?

The average cost to repair a sump pump is $506. The final price could range anywhere from $110 to a little over $1,000, depending on the extent of the service. Homeowners pay $308 and $732 on average.

How long can a sump pump drain line be?

Using a properly sized pipe for discharge will ensure that the sump pump will perform as the manufacturer intended. Installing discharge pipe of a larger size is not a huge problem and is in fact recommended for longer runs of pipe, typically 20 feet or more.

Why does my sump pump smell like sewage?

After long periods of use, sump pumps dry out. When this happens, the sewer gas that collects in the pump gets released into the home because the water no longer shields the air from the gases. In the best case, this simply causes a foul odor.

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How do you keep a sump pump from freezing?

How to Prevent Your Sump Pump Line from Freezing

  1. Ensure that the sump pump discharge line outside the home is either buried in the yard, or extended out above-grade at a downward slope.
  2. Bury the pipe at least five inches below the frost line (the maximum depth of ground below which the soil doesn’t freeze) to protect it from freezing.

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