Quick Answer: How To Build A Commercial Kitchen In Your Garage?

Can I build a commercial kitchen on my property?

It’s possible to get your home kitchen licensed as a commercial kitchen according to cottage kitchen laws that exist in many areas. You must apply to have your commercial kitchen licensed when you originally design and build it, and you’re also required to renew your license annually.

How much does it cost to build a commercial kitchen?

The price of installing or building a small commercial kitchen is between $15,000.00 and $100,000.00 but can go much higher depending on the menu and need. Source: RSMeans is North America’s leading supplier of construction cost information.

What qualifies a commercial kitchen?

What’s a Commercial Kitchen or Commissary in the First Place? Commercial kitchens and commissaries are commercial-grade facilities that are licensed for food service providers to prepare and store food.

How do you set up a commercial kitchen?

How to Set Up a Commercial Kitchen

  1. Purchase and Install Refrigeration.
  2. Purchase and Install Storage.
  3. Purchase and Install Cooking Equipment.
  4. Purchase Food Preparation Stations and Small Wares.
  5. Purchase and Install Fire, Safety and Sanitation Equipment.
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How do I certify my home kitchen for commercial use?

By getting in touch with your state or county department of health and following the necessary guidelines you can get your home kitchen certified for food production.

  1. Know Your State’s Cottage Food Laws.
  2. Operate in a Code-Compliant Kitchen.
  3. Aim for a Commercial Grade Kitchen.
  4. Undergo Inspection and Testing.

Do I need a commercial kitchen to sell food?

As your business grows or if your state prohibits making food for sale from home, you’ll need to use a commercial kitchen. Commercial kitchens that rent out by the hour or on a short-term basis are becoming far more common, especially in larger cities.

How small can a commercial kitchen be?

Since each restaurant is different, there is no typical size for a commercial kitchen. Most kitchens range from 500 to 2,000 square feet in size, so anything that is less than 500 square feet can be considered a small commercial kitchen.

How long does it take to build a commercial kitchen?

As a general rule of thumb, expect any restaurant construction project to last anywhere from 2 to 6 months. Restaurant type is a huge factor. A takeout-style restaurant generally takes about 2 months to build out and install materials.

Can a food truck be a commercial kitchen?

In most cities, food trucks are required to have a commissary where they can store and prepare food for their truck. It can be a catering kitchen or a restaurant kitchen.

How many sinks are required in a commercial kitchen?

Most commercial kitchen design projects will require at minimum 4 types of sinks. One mop sink, for obvious reasons. May be either floor mounted as in the image above, or similar in design to a utility room sink you might find in a residential building. These sinks are typically direct drained.

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Can I put a commercial range in my home?

Q: Can I install a commercial range in my home? A: Yes, it must only be installed according to commercial building code. Homeowners who have properly installed real commercial ranges in their homes do so for many reasons.

What do you put on commercial kitchen walls?

Standard wall construction for restaurant kitchens should be water-resistant gypsum board (commonly called “green board” for the color) over a metal stud wall. Green board is the material of choice because of the moisture protection it offers in wet environments, like kitchen prep areas.

How do you build a small commercial kitchen?

Commercial kitchen design plans are dictated by space requirements, equipment and budget.

  1. List the Foods You Plan to Prepare.
  2. List of Required Equipment.
  3. Choose a Location.
  4. Plan Your Space.
  5. Plan How You Will Use the Space.
  6. Local Health and Safety Codes.
  7. Professionally Designed Blueprints.

Are commissary kitchens profitable?

But could they be more profitable? The answer is yes. That is where the commissary kitchen comes in. This is one large kitchen that can produce all the food for all locations and events.

How much do commercial kitchens rent for?

Many commercial kitchen require a monthly lease and security deposit on top of an hourly rate — which typically ranges from $15 to $30 per hour. The monthly leases or memberships include minimums of $300 to several thousand dollars — making it hard for those that just want to use a kitchen a few times a year.

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