Quick Answer: How To Build A Rover In Ksp?

How do you attach a rocket rover in KSP?

Load up the ship you wish to attach the rover to, pull it out of subassembly, and slap it on there. As far as getting the rover to the Mun or beyond and landing it, you may want to have it hanging off the side with a counterweight on the other side, and then drop it off upon landing.

How do you build an orbital rocket in KSP?

Steps to Orbit and Back

  1. Launch Preparation. Set thrust to maximum by hitting Z.
  2. Accelerate to 100 m/s. Launch by hitting the space bar and keep the rocket pointed straight up until the vehicle’s speed is 100 m/s.
  3. Pitch 10 degrees East.
  4. Stage.
  5. Get apoapsis above 70 km.
  6. Get periapsis above 70 km.
  7. De-orbiting.
  8. Re-entry.

How do you control a KSP in Rover?

Piloting rovers

By default, a rover is controlled with the keys W, A, S, & D. Unfortunately these keys also control vehicle rotation, which can make a rover completely uncontrollable on planets with low gravity.

How do I fly to the Mun in KSP?

If you want to reach the Mun on the first swing around, wait until Mun rises just above the horizon. A good rule of thumb is for each 100 km you are above Kerbin, wait another 2 seconds. Once it does, begin a forward burn, and keep an eye on your map, as the apoapsis moves out towards Munar orbit.

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How much dV does it take to orbit kerbin?

Reaching a stable orbit around Kerbin is one of the first milestones the player achieves in the game. Achieving such an orbit with a fuel-optimal ascent requires a delta-V of roughly 4500 m/s, the second largest of all celestial bodies with a solid surface after Eve.

What is Delta-V in KSP?

DeltaV, or dV as it’s sometimes abbreviated, is a measure of the total amount of acceleration your ship can output. There’re certain amounts required to get into orbit, to do certain interplanetary transfer burns, etc. Delta is most commonly (at least on paper) represented by the Greek letter Delta, meaning change.

How do you use sub assembly in KSP?


  1. Save the entire craft, then move away the part to be saved as the subassembly.
  2. Select a decoupler as the root part and put the rest of the launcher below the decoupler.
  3. Move the craft file from into the subassemblies directory: root directory/saves//Ships//.

How do you get something into orbit?

Orbital spaceflight from Earth has only been achieved by launch vehicles that use rocket engines for propulsion. To reach orbit, the rocket must impart to the payload a delta-v of about 9.3–10 km/s.

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