Quick Answer: How To Build Lego Pokemon Instructions?

Is there Lego Pokemon?

Lego Pokémon is a re-creation of the well known video game and card game, Pokémon. In this Lego version, not only are there Lego Pokémon models such as Lego Pikachu and Charizard, but now, I have created a Pokeball to fit in your hand, and to hold the Pokémon.

Is Mega a construx Lego?

Currently, Mega Construx is Mega Brands’ Lego-competing building brick sets. Whereas Mega Bloks is Mega Brands’ larger building bricks (for younger kids) which competes with Duplo blocks.

How many Pokemon are there?

If so, this brings the total to 932. Mega Evolutions could also arguably count as separate Pokémon, with each one being given its own Pokédex entry, bringing the total to 980. However, the current official count stands at 893.

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