Readers ask: Bunchems How To Build?

What is Bunchum?

Bunchems are little colored plastic balls about the size of a quarter that stick to each other.

How do you get Bunchems out of hair?

Save it for your sandwiches.) Using a wide tooth comb or SoCozy Detangling Brush, comb hair under the Bunchem until you can easily slide the toy out. Continuously spray hair with SoCozy Cinch Detangler, as well as using the vegetable oil until all Bunchems are removed from the hair.

What is Bunchems?

Bunchems are meant to stick – the balls are meant to “bunch and build” into all sorts of shapes. A Bunch’n Build Activity Kit listed on Target’s website includes 400 Bunchems and promises “creative play” that allows kids to create animals, shapes and more “without heat, glue or mess.”

What are Bunchems balls?

Bunchems are the colorful little balls that stick to each other and build like no other. Connect, squish, and build a character around the included motorized ball — then watch it wobble and wiggle about. Follow the instructions to create a puppy, chick, crab, or dragon.

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