Readers ask: How To Build A Guitar Rack?

What is a guitar rack?

Simply put, rack gear is any piece of music equipment or accessory that is built within a 19” wide chassis that can be screwed into an equipment rack. Rack gear tends to fall into three primary categories of products: Amps: guitar preamps and power amps specifically designed for installation into 19” racks.

What is the best guitar stand?

The best guitar stands and guitar hangers today

  1. Hercules Stands GSP39WB Plus guitar hanger.
  2. K&M Guardian multi-guitar stand.
  3. Fender Universal A-Frame guitar stand.
  4. D’Addario Guitar Dock.
  5. Hercules GS414B Plus Hanging Guitar Stand.
  6. DRS Racks Bravo7 Guitar Rack.
  7. Hercules GS526B Plus Guitar Stand.
  8. Fender Display Case.

Do I need a guitar stand?

You don’t *need* to do it, but having a stand helps reduce risk of damage. In my early days playing guitar I didn’t have stands and occasionally I’d get nicks on the guitar or other damage from just leaving it lying around, so now I have floor guitar stands or wall mounts for all my guitars.

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