Readers ask: How To Build A Pinewood Derby Car Video?

What makes a Pinewood Derby car fast?

Aerodynamics have little effect in such a short race, but weight does and putting the weight at the back of the car will make your car faster on the flat of the track. Tungsten weights, in most cases, are best because of their high density. Lube the car at the body/wheel friction point.

Where is the best place to put weight on a Pinewood Derby car?

Weight should be placed towards the rear of the car. You can drill the weight holes in the bottom, side or rear of the car as shown in these examples. Stay at least 1/8″ away from the axle slots.

Are Bent Axles legal in Pinewood Derby?

No. Bent axles are not allowed in either racing class.

Should I bake my Pinewood Derby block?

Should I bake the pinewood derby block? The short answer is no, do not bake the block. The idea behind baking the block is to remove moisture which will make the block lighter. You can then add more weight to the back of the car.

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What is the fastest Pinewood Derby car ever?

The Black PRO Car is our fastest pinewood derby car. It pushes the Speed Limit! It is track-tested car ready to race featuring our race winning PRO friction-free BSA Ultra-Lite graphite-coated wheels and PRO BSA graphite-coated grooved axles.

What is the maximum weight for a Pinewood Derby car?


In most races, a Pinewood Derby car’s weight is limited to 5 ounces. If your car weighs less than that, add coins or other weights.

How much weight does paint add to a Pinewood Derby car?

Paint only adds a few grams (hundredths of a ounce). We generally weight up to 4.9 oz and then do the last weight adjustment at check-in.

How can I make my derby car faster?

10 Tips and Tricks to a Fast and Cool-Looking Pinewood Derby Car

  1. Bake your block.
  2. Max out your weight at the regulation 5 ounces.
  3. Use all of the graphite (dry lubricant is usually allowed).
  4. Sand and polish your wheels and axles.
  5. Check alignment.
  6. Spend time on sanding.
  7. Use a high-quality paint.
  8. Add decals!

Can a Pinewood Derby car have 3 wheels?

Rules vary from pack to pack, so make sure to check your pack’s Pinewood Derby rules to make sure three wheelers are allowed in your race. — Extend the Wheelbase: The front and rear wheels should be as far apart as possible. Again, make sure this is allowed in your race.

What is the most aerodynamic shape for a Pinewood Derby car?

But aerodynamics rule the day, and the best shape is a simple wedge. Just like a spoiler on the rear of a sports car, the wedge shape allows as much air to flow over the top of the car without hinderance while keeping the car pinned to the track. Our wedge tapers from 5/16-in. to 7/8-in.

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What can I use for weights on a Pinewood Derby car?

You can use lead or tungsten, but they are relatively expensive ($1 – 2 per ounce), come in odd shapes, and you have to figure out a way to attach them to the car. Pennies, which are 97% zinc cost about $0.10 per ounce (or free if you find them under the sofa).

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