Readers ask: How To Build A Stationary Massage Table?

What can I use instead of a massage table?

Also as mentioned, some people prefer an alternative rather than a table. Massage therapists are trained to work using a chair, table, the floor with some accessories like gym, futon or yoga mat, towels, and pillows.

What is the size of a standard massage table?

The industry standard width is 30 inches though tables do come in a 28 to 32 inch range. The length is also determined so your clients do not feel their feet hanging off the table. The addition of a face cradle may also add up to 9 inches. The standard length for most massage tables is 73 inches.

How much does a portable massage table cost?

Here at Massage Tables Now, you can spend a couple hundred dollars, or invest upwards of 4000 dollars on a massage table. You can expect to find a similar price spectrum anywhere you shop, considering the many different variables involved in choosing the appropriate table for your needs.

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What is the best massage table for home use?

  • Best Overall: EARTHLITE Spirit Premium Portable Massage Table Package.
  • Best Warming: Master Massage Santana Therma Top Memory Foam Portable Massage Table Package.
  • Best Budget: BestMassage Portable Massage Table.
  • Best Face Cushion: EARTHLITE Harmony DX Portable Massage Table.

What is the lightest portable massage table?

The New Wave II Lite is a model weighing ONLY 23.5 lbs, making it the lightest massage table in the market. It is 29 inches wide and 73 inches long, but you can get a 30-inch wide model weighing 24 lbs. Made of an aluminum frame, the table also ahs the best hinges in the market.

Is there a weight limit for getting a massage?

There are weight limits on massage tables, usually around 300–350 lbs. If prospective clients weigh more than that, other arrangements should be made to accommodate them. No, any professional massage therapist should be comfortable working on someone who is overweight.

What is the correct height for a massage table?

A common height range of massage tables is between 60 to 80cm, and this height range should cater for everyone.

What should I look for when buying a portable massage table?

There are several things to consider when choosing a massage table, so let’s dive right in.

  • Picking The Right Width:
  • Choosing A Table With Adjustable Height.
  • Getting The Right Weight.
  • Should You Opt For Wood Or Aluminum?
  • A Table’s Working Weight:
  • A Table’s Static Weight:
  • Choosing The Right Foam Thickness:

How much weight can a portable massage table hold?

Generally speaking, a massage table should be able to hold 250 pounds at least. However, if you’ll be massaging a 250-pound client, you should aim for a higher weight capacity, starting from 350 pounds and up. If you’ll be using the table on a consistent basis, you should get a model that can hold up to 700 pounds.

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How much does a LMT make?

Average Massage Therapist Salary by State

State 2019 Mean Annual Wage 5-Year Average
California $43,690 $42,433
Colorado $45,380 $44,882
Connecticut $47,520 $47,417
Delaware N/A $51,153

What is the best massage oil?

The 8 Best Massage Oils We Love To Keep Around

  • Clean Pick. Lover’s Oil.
  • Nut-Free. Apricot Body Oil.
  • Great Deal. Sweet Almond Oil.
  • Anti-Stress. De-Stress Massage Oil.
  • Clean Pick. Everyday Oil.
  • Unscented. Aromachologie Neutral Massage Body Oil.
  • Massage Candle. Come Upstairs Massage Candle.
  • Pregnancy-Safe. Resilience Body Oil.

What are Reiki panels on a massage table?

Reiki endplates are generally in the shape of an upside down U, so that the part of the plate that crosses between the legs is at the very top of the legs of the massage table, out of the way of the Massage Therapist’s knees when seated on a stool.

What is the best massage table brand?

Best Portable Massage Table Reviews (Updated List)

  1. Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable Massage Table.
  2. Saloniture Professional Portable Massage Table.
  3. EARTHLITE Harmony DX Portable Massage Table Package.
  4. Master Massage Balboa Pro Portable Massage Table.
  5. EARTHLITE Avalon Portable Massage Table.

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