Readers ask: How To Build Deck Stairs Without Stringers?

Can you build stairs without stringers?

To build deck steps without stringers, you are going to build each step as its own box frame. The wooden box frames will be stacked on top of each other. The bottom box will extend the entire length of the staircase. Once fastened together these boxes will create the stairs.

Do deck stair stringers need support?

Stringers typically have two bearing points, with the plumb (vertical) cut bearing on a rim joist or on a beam, and the seat (horizontal) cut bearing on—at minimum—a solid landing. To help resist both vertical and lateral loads, stringers require proper support and attachment at these bearing points.

Can I use 2×8 for stair stringers?

You should attach 2×6 or 2×8 support framing under the rim flush to the bottom of the stringer. The stairs will hang here. Install a piece of blocking below the rim joist to extend the attachment surface for your stairs stringers. Use a level to mark the top step.

What size lumber should I use for stair stringers?

The stair stringers are essentially the backbone of your staircase. Always use straight, high-quality, pressure-treated 2x12s for stair stringers. If you are planning on resting the stringer on the ground, make sure the wood has. 60 RET level.

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How many stringers do I need for deck stairs?

Deck Stair Basics

Deck stairs are typically made from 2 x 12 stringers spaced about 12 to 16 inches apart. They rest on a solid foundation and are attached to the deck with hangers. They have risers (also called toe kicks), treads and railings. The stairs should be at least 36 inches wide.

Can you put 2 stair stringers together?

Both visually and structurally, it is preferable to break long stair runs with intermediate landings. You also may consider doubling your stair stringers by nailing two 2x12s together like a beam in order to increase strength. Adding blocking between stringers also can strengthen the entire stair structure.

Do deck stairs have to land on concrete?

Stair landings must be at least as wide as the stair and at least 3 feet deep. On the other hand, solid, flat, and stable materials, such as concrete, flagstone, pavers, or brick, can be installed with a measurable slope and will not usually shift under the weight of an off-balance person completing a stairway descent.

How much does it cost to put stairs on a deck?

Adding stairs will make the deck much more functional, allowing access to the rest of your yard. Most will spend $1,000 to $2,000 to add 48″ wide stairs. On average, the cost is around $100 per tread. Doing the project yourself can save on the cost of labor.

How do you calculate stairs for a deck?

To determine the rise and run of the steps, measure the distance from the floor of the deck to the ground and divide that number by 7.5. The result will be the number of steps the staircase will need (e.g., deck is 112″ from the ground; 112/7.5 = 14.93. Round up to get 15 steps).

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How do you attach stair stringers to a house?

Use galvanized lag bolts to attach the stringers to the bottom posts; use deck screws to attach them to the ledger and the 2x4s resting on the ground. Use deck screws to attach the middle stringers to the ledger and the bottom 2x4s. Use lag bolts to attach the top posts to the side stringers.

How do you cut stair stringers accurately?

The solution is simple – shorten the bottom riser cut on the stringer by the tread thickness. So, that cut where the stringer meets the bottom landing would be 5 ¼ inches from the tread above, while all the other risers would remain at 6 ¼ inches.

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